Senior year is such a wonderful opportunity to celebrate. A rite of passage, a departure from adolescence into womanhood.  A true "premier", that showcases the woman that you have become to your family and the world.  

There are two distinct times in a woman's life that she has the opportunity to turn the head of the world and declare that She is a force to be reckoned with, that She is the star, that She is about to take flight into her dreams. These times are Her wedding day, and then of course... Her senior year in high school! 

Oh the woman you've become, and Oh the woman you are yet to be! Let's celebrate!

We aspire to create an experience for you that will allow you to see how fabulous you truly are.  As the princesses of old would prepare for the day she was to be crowned... so we too would love to help you prepare for this photographic celebration of your coming of age!  

We are at your service, ready to help you with wardrobe selection, hair and makeup, styling and posing.  Our passion is to help you to look as fabulous as you truly are!

Call us today to set up your consultation, let's create something fabulous!


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*The majority of our clients spend between $1000 and $2000 on their portraits and products.