Problem:. I dont have many (or any) good photos of myself... AKA I'm "not photogenic" 

Solved: It is my MISSION to photograph you in a way that changes how you see yourself.  If these words have escaped your lips, then you are my client. If you or someone you know hides from the camera, then I am your photographer.  I am honored to take you on a photographic journey to discover your God given beauty.

 WHY do I need a professional photographer? Why cant my friend who has a good camera just take my picture?

 A professional photographer has, in most cases, spent YEARS studying how the body works and how best to pose it in order to make you look your absolute best. We have learned about the types of equipment to use to flatter your specific body type and style.  We, from years of experience, have great advice on clothing and wardrobe options.  Generally speaking most professional photographers come from a fine art background, and understand color theory (what colors say about you, and how they make you feel when you look at them), how to create mood in an image, and how to tell a story visually.

While your friend is watching "Dancing With The Stars",  a professional photographer is watching yet another course on how to pose the female body in the most flattering way. :) lol. When someone is a professional, chances are... they eat. breathe. sleep. dream. read. watch. listen. talk about. practice.... photography/posing/body language/how to help someone feel at ease/photoshop/ etc. 

This is my life. It's my passion. It's my pleasure to learn all that I can to make sure that I can serve you in a way that will change the words that you say and the way that you think ABOUT YOURSELF. 

I look forward to changing your verbiage from "I'm not photogenic" to... "wow, I really am beautiful


Jen White